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Away, The Inbetween, the Template of Distinction. It is his will that holds the sky from the sea. He lit the fire of Ambition and he carved the hollowness of Loss. Away made distance, want, independence and loneliness. His gift was Dreaming, his weapon: Hunger. He is what it is to be far.

Near, the Bound, The Template of Connection it is his will that ties men to earth. His tool is language. Tree speaks to stone. Stone speaks to water. Angel speaks to man. The lover and the nemesis are his works of art. He is what it is to be close.

Near and Away measured out the universe. Near made Truth, Away set it apart from Falsehood. Near made The Shore, Away made the Sky. Near filled Mountains with Fire while Away cut the Horizon off the Sea. They worked together and forged the Plane from nothingness. When Away made bright Day and black Night, Near wrapped them tight around the world, stitching them closed with Dusk and Dawn.

So the world was made and so we come to this.

Home Page

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